August 31, 2013

Alter Ego

Last night at around three AM, I decided to use this cool pixel avatar generator to make a special icon for my cute tumblr. I ended up with this weird alter ego of myself:
So tonight, I decided to draw her. Here's my version:

August 29, 2013

Dreck from the Tumblrverse

You know those bizarre, inexplicably funny text posts floating around tumblr? I don't see them a lot of them in my circles, but it's amusing when they do pop up. Anyway, someone's taken it upon themselves to make a weekly compilation of them called Tumblr Gets Deep. I'm not sure what's on the rest of the blog that posts them and I don't really care- these lists are all that matter. They fucking crack me up.

We're just waiting to begin.

Today's weird song is "Chemistry" by Jawbreaker, because school is starting soon.

Mirror Image


This awesome picture was taken by Adam Slater in an abandoned insane asylum. I really love abandoned buildings and I have ever since I was little (yeah, I was a weird kid) but I can't try to explore any myself because I have some lung issues and haven't figured out where to get a respirator yet. (Abandoned buildings, especially old ones, are generally full of crap you don't really want to be breathing in.) So I have to be content with looking at pictures for now, and this guy takes some of my favorites. He gets into some amazing places.

August 26, 2013

Tell me when the pain kicks in

This is the video for "Get Away" by Yuck. I love Yuck a lot because they're probably the only band I know of right now who has a very 90s shoegaze warm static sound to them. (Sorry, I have a hard time talking about music and making sense.) And as for the video... well... if you like naked women... especially naked women having oil poured on them...

I give up.

(By the way, I'll be eagerly monitoring my search results from now on to see how many hits I get from people looking for porn after this post.)

August 23, 2013

In the world of tomorrow...

When everyone has personal robot helpers...

Somewhere in America...

This will happen.


In case you can't read my shitty handwriting, he's saying "but I just don't know which one you want! medium pulp? low pulp? some pulp? fortified? ugh! you humans are so illogical."

We will also still have cheap flip phones in the future.

This robot is actually a doodle-character of mine and there is a reason he has duct tape over his buttons.

On a related note, because posting my doodles on the internet has given me an inflated opinion of my artistic ability, I've been experimenting with making tiny minicomics using this one page zine-making method. (It's basically the same method Emma Dajska showed on Rookie but for lazy people- it uses a normal piece of 8.5 by 11 printer paper and scissors instead of an X-acto knife.) The result is the size of a playing card and more like a six page comic strip than anything. But if I ever finish one I'm happy with, would any of you cool cats be interested in it? I'd feel like I was ripping people off trading these dumb little things for full-sized zines, but I might consider mailing them out for a dollar.


Ever wanted to have one of those nifty phone numbers that makes a word? You might already have one.

I found PhoNETic in my Internet & Web Yellow Pages (shut up) and it has been in my bookmarks ever since. Even though the page doesn't look like it's been updated since the book came out in 1999, it is super useful. Have you ever wondered what kind of fun things you can do with your home phone number? Your cell phone number? Your best friend's number? Your mom's number? Your school's number? Or do you want to see what other weird possibilities lurk in a number that already spells something? Well, now you can find out all those things AND MORE. Just keep in mind that you may discover something you wish you never knew. (I'm speaking for myself here. I found out my home phone number spells "vulva.")

Yé! Yé!

This is "Le coeur au bout des doights" by Jacqueline Taieb, a French pop singer from the 1960s. She's usually classified as a yé-yé artist, but as far as I can tell yé-yé is just French pop from the 1960s. Anyway, whatever genre her music is, it's cool as hell. French and from the 1960s is like the holy grail of cool, right? And a lot of her songs are super funky, like this one! They don't sound as saccharine as a lot of other yé-yé songs do to me.

I wish I could translate the lyrics to this, but I couldn't find them anywhere online, which is sad.

Also, writing about this song is reminding me that I'm still failing miserably at finding awesome Spanish-speaking bands. I know they're out there somewhere!!! ARGH

Seminole Mall, 2009

By Brian Ulrich, who takes really nice pictures of dead malls, abandoned retail, and labelscars (outlines of signs that have been taken down).

August 19, 2013

Sugar Water Shower

I've sat on this amazing video too long. Now I have to share it. 

This is the video for "Sugar Water" by the ever-weird, ever-amazing trip hop band Cibo Matto. This song was apparently in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so it could sound familiar to some of you. Anyway, the video was directed by Michel Gondry and it's an amazing mindfuck. I can't say too much without giving at away, but just... Watch both sides. When you figure it out, you'll flip a shit.

August 17, 2013


Today's doodle has a lyric from a vocaloid song: Eraser by Gumi. It's not a translation- "sleeping like a deadly dawn" is actually in the song as is. The amount of gratuitous English phrases people manage to include in vocaloid songs is kind of amazing considering Japanese vocaloids don't have many English phonemes so it's always going to sound kind of Engrishy.

August 15, 2013


I love synthesizers, but I also love listening to piano covers of synthesizer songs. Something about it brings out the hidden prettiness and melancholy in what might have been a dancier or harsher song. Crystal Castles has always been a good band for this. This video, though, has an even more interesting idea: replacing all the synthesizers with human voices. This is the Capital Children's Choir's cover of "Untrust Us," and it's awesome. My only complaint is that the two lead singers aren't singing the actual lyrics, but they probably couldn't because it's a children's choir.

If you know any other a capella covers of synthy songs like this, please let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear them!

August 14, 2013

God's Consolation Prize


When I was a sophomore, I already listened to a couple punk bands, but I still refused to admit to myself that I actually liked punk. Saying that I liked the thing itself and that I related to it and all that was something that a straight A student who got violent stomach cramps at the thought of breaking a rule shouldn't even consider. I didn't really like punk. There were just some cool songs, that was all.

Then my soon-to-be best friend showed up at my locker holding a stack of CDs tied up with a pink ribbon one morning.
"What are those?" I asked. 
"They're for you," she said, sticking them in with the crap on the top shelf of my locker. "They were my eighth grade graduation gift. They're a bunch of mix CDs that are like the history of alternative music." I don't even remember what my eighth grade graduation gift was, but it was definitely not as cool as that.
"Why are you giving them to me?"
"So you can rip them and listen to them. I think you'll like them."

And that was how I ended up with The CDs. There are six of them and they are, indeed, a history of alternative music. They were put together by a family friend of hers who worked in a record store. To help pick the bands, she asked her coworkers and her friends what music got them through high school.

I was really excited to listen to them, so I decided to start on the first one right after I'd gotten it ripped and finished entering in the track names and artists. The family friend wrote in messy round cursive that made me fuck up some of the band names and song titles. I've figured out what ones are wrong by now, but I refuse to fix them. The first song on this first CD was Blank Generation by Richard Hell & the Voivods (my misreading of Voidoids). 

The second the song came together and Richard Hell himself started singing/yelling the words, my mind was blown. I knew that whatever this twisted swing chaos was, I fucking loved it and I needed more of it. And that's how this song finally made me realize that I wasn't just making an exception for a few bands- it was really punk music itself I loved, as weird and inappropriate as that was for a quiet Catholic schoolgirl.

August 13, 2013

Kyoto (2001)

Jeffro Tull

Here's the video for "U Got the Look" by Jeff the Brotherhood, a super rad band. Yeah, this video is pretty dumb, but that's kind of why I like it. Sometimes it's nice when music videos don't try to be all artsy and meaningful. Also, Jeffro Tull cracks me up every goddamn time I see this.

Friday Doodle

I have no idea what to do for this week's doodle, so here's a picture of an emo kitten. (It's labeled and everything.)

August 10, 2013

Roger Ramjet!

As you probably know by now, one of my favorite things to do is look for weird old shit on the Internet. One of my favorite things I've found is this cartoon: Roger Ramjet. It's a Saturday morning cartoon from the sixties and most of the episodes are around five minutes long including the theme song and end credits, which are both sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle by the most ear-bleedingly annoying children's chorus I've ever heard. According to Wikipedia, though, every episode ran for a full thirty minutes with commercials, so I can only imagine how many commercials they must have had.

In the cartoon, Roger Ramjet is an inventor and full-time hero who is frequently called on by General GI Brassbottom to catch crooks and spies and solve bizarre problems. He's also really dumb. He usually gets caught by the villain and has to rely on the Eagles, who are his sidekick team of kids who are much smarter than he is, or one of his Proton Energy Pills, which allows him to beat the crap out of the enemies with lots of written sound effects, to save his ass. There's also a snarky narrator, hilariously limited animation, an abundance of puns, and lots of running gags. It's great.

Taking it back

This week's weird song is "Sweetie" by Le Tigre. It's my favorite song of theirs- it just has a really nice, chill feeling to it, and I love the weird little loop it's built around.

August 7, 2013

Tuesday Photo

As I mentioned before, Tuesday Photo is replacing Text Post Tuesday. I love photography a lot, even though I've been pretty bad about taking pictures myself lately, so this is going to be fun. Every Tuesday, I'll post one photo that I really love, hopefully with a source link to more of the artist's awesome work. And yes, it is going to be just one. I don't have the patience to put together huge strings of pictures to post like a lot of people do.

This insane picture is by Steven Siegel, who's been taking awesome pictures of New York City since the eighties. Go look at the rest of his stuff. No, really, do it.

August 6, 2013

Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

You probably know the song "Barbie Girl" by Aqua, but do you know the video? If not, you should. It's amazing, full of nineties fashion, oversaturated colors, and ridiculousness. 

Bubblegum pop is an entire genre that came out of mainly Denmark in the late nineties and early two thousands. However, besides sugary synths and weird suggestive lyrics, two of the biggest bands, Aqua and Toy-Box, had something else in common- these crazy themed movie-looking music videos. They're all just as cheesy and fun as this one and are definitely good YouTube binge material.