September 30, 2013

Spending all my time

This week's music video is for "Spending All My Time" by the Japanese girl group Perfume. Perfume is pretty amazing for the bloopy 8-bit synths they use in a lot of their songs (though not really in this one) and how relentlessly catchy their songs are. This song is mostly in English and the lyrics only have eleven words: "Spending all, spending spending all my time loving you, so loving you forever. Spending all, spending spending all my time so loving you I wanna do." There are also a couple lines of Japanese that I'm guessing mean the same thing.

However, even though I love the song, the video is even more amazing. Like most J-pop videos, it's really weird, but it's weird in a very unique way. Its weirdness doesn't come from bizarre outfits or flashy special effects or even an inexplicable storyline. Instead, it has this really odd, fascinating choreography that mostly involves hands and feet, lots of repeated shots, and PSYCHIC POWERS. It's mesmerizing. Watch it right now.

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