April 15, 2017

This blog is officially archived.

Considering the last post was three years ago, I guess it's about time.

It feels weird to abandon blogger like this. I started my old blog here on this same account when I was literally eleven. (I'm not sure if I've ever been honest about that on the internet before right now.) But... I don't know. It doesn't feel the same.

The reason I made that blog back when I was eleven was because there was an ecosystem of awesome blogs out there to join. You would look for cool new blogs, maintain a blogroll, follow and comment on other people's blogs, and hope that maybe they'd look at and comment on yours.

The reason I made this blog was because it looked like there might be a new blog community of that sort of awesome teenage girls popping up around the beginning of Rookie. But considering I had just entered college and was also pretty depressed at the time I wasn't really willing to put in the blog-checking and commenting effort I needed to to join it. Also, to be honest, I never really fit in there anyway. 90% of the blogs I saw posted mostly about fashion and DIY things and probably hoped on some level to make it big like Tavi Gevinson. I just like weird music and weird internet things. I did enjoy sharing my strange internet findings, but it was hard to keep up the enthusiasm for a regular posting schedule when it felt like no one was listening.

And so here we are. I'm mostly active on tumblr now. It provides the community and peer validation I've been looking for. Also, it's much more informal and requires very little effort. Most of the time all you have to do is click reblog on something that pops up on your dash or maaaybe search for something to reblog. And if you do make an original post, long-form posts like this aren't super encouraged- just dashing out a few sentences about something that happened to you or putting up a youtube video you found is enough. I kind of miss this kind of blog, but also, tumblr feels much more casual and less like a chore than maintaining this kind of blog ever did.

My main tumblr is at snoothy. I never change my url. In my about, you'll find links to some of my other internet shit, including my three other tumblrs. Catch you there.